Tennis Overhead: Stroke Tips

Tennis Overhead: Tip #1

Do not let your emotions take over, and try to over-power the ball when hitting a tennis overhead. Stay calm and focus on the ball.

Tennis Overhead: Tip #2

Keep the tennis ball always in front to hit a successful tennis overhead.

Tennis Overhead: Tip #3

Timing is everything, so have your racquet in the ready-position and follow the ball with your opposite hand while you perform a tennis overhead.

Tennis Overhead: Tip #4

For a successful tennis overhead, follow-through every time.

Tennis Overhead: Exercises

Tennis Overhead Warm Up

Before beginning to practice tennis overhead shots, you must loosen up your shoulder. Perform a free overhead motion without actually hitting any balls for about 5-10 minutes continuously. Do not use extreme force but a light motion to loosen up your shoulder tendons and muscles.

Tennis Overhead Practice

With a partner, have them hit you lobs while standing at the baseline, then move towards the ball, and strike the tennis overhead without focus on power or direction.

Focus on timing only. 99% of every successful tennis overhead will come from hitting the ball at the right time.

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