tennis backhand stroke tips

Tennis Backhand: Tip #1

Always be ready to strike a Tennis Backhand by having your feet ready. Stand on the ball of your feet, as this will allow you to react quickly.

Tennis Backhand: Tip #2

Get in position early for a successful Tennis Backhand.

Tennis Backhand: Tip #3

Give yourself enough time and have your racquet take-back ready to begin the tennis backhand forward motion.

Tennis Backhand: Tip #4

Focus on timing and follow through after every Tennis Backhand.

tennis backhand exercises

Tennis Backhand Warm Up

Begin by standing on the baseline, and performing about 5 minutes of tennis backhand strike motion. This will help your muscle memory for when you actually begin hitting those deadly tennis backhands.

Tennis Backhand Practice: Ball Basket

Get a friend or a ball machine, and simply practice. Most tennis strokes require quite a bit of muscle memory in order to gain consistency. Tennis Backhands are no exception and actually require more practice than other strokes, due to the unnatural body position.

Again, focus your Tennis Backhands on proper timing and follow through. This will ensure you build consistent strokes.

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