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Tennis Agility: Tip #1

Always move your feet before striking the ball, whether during practice or play. Make sure to focus on clean footwork to help improve your Tennis Agility.

Tennis Agility: Tip #2

Climb stairs for extra pop on your step and unbelievable Tennis Agility. Make a habit of jogging up and down whatever steps you can whenever you can. This will strengthen your calves, and quads, essential for tennis agility.

Tennis Agility: Tip #3

Short sprints are always a favorite in building tennis agility. Start jogging slowly around the block and burst full speed for 3-5 seconds, then jog for 30 seconds. Do this for 15 mins a day, and improve your Tennis Agility very quickly.

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Tennis Agility Warm Up

Begin standing on the baseline, and start running slowly towards the service line, then touch the line on the ground and run back towards the baseline, touching the baseline on the ground. Repeat the exercise for 5-10 minutes without stopping, slowly increasing your running speed. This will improve your Tennis Agility and it will not be long before you can get to every ball.

Tennis Agility Practice: Lateral Movement

Begin on the far left doubles line, and move laterally (sideways) while touching your heels to the opposite doubles line. Begin slowly, and increase the your speed.

This exercise will increase your lateral tennis agility and make you a cheetah on the tennis court.

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