Miami After-School Tennis

Our Miami After-School Tennis program will tentatively begin August 16th. Keep checking back for updates or sign up for our Newsletter to get an alert.

Get your child outdoor a couple of hours every week to enjoy the wonderful game of tennis. Our Miami After-School Tennis program caters to all ages.

We offer two day choices for each age group: Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu. Chose the day choices more convenient for you and get your kid involved in group tennis.

Each age group is limited to 4 children so that we can provide individualized attention and work with your kid closely.

After-School Tennis Program

After-School Tennis Pricing

Age Group Start Time Price per Kid
4yrs - 6yrs 3:30p - 4:15p $12 per day
7yrs - 10yrs 4:15p - 5:15p $14 per day
11yrs - 14yrs 5:15p - 6:15p $16 per day
15yrs - 17yrs 6:15p - 7:15p $18 per day

* All lessons are paid Monthly in Full

* 8 lessons per Month: 2 per week

* Choice of Days: Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu

* 30 days to make up missed lessons

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