Kids Group Tennis Rates

South Florida Tennis offers the best-value in Kids group tennis lessons anywhere. We provide engaging, fun and energetic tennis lessons at affordable prices.

Get group discounts when you sign up with 2-4 people. We give you tennis feedback throughout the entire tennis lesson to help improve your tennis game.

You can save a significant amount of money by signing up your Kids for Group Tennis Lessons.

Don't have a tennis partner to form a tennis group? Give us a call, we often have individuals who have kids that would like to enjoy the atmosphere and pricing of group tennis, but need someone to play with.

Kids Group Tennis Prices

Take a look at our amazing kid group tennis prices and save a bundle.

  • Kid Groups (2-4 players) - 1 hour
  • $18.00/player: 1 Lesson
  • $85.00/player: 5 Lessons* (5% off)
  • $166.00/player: 10 Lessons* (7.5% off)

* All multi-lesson packages are paid in full.

* Requires at least 2 players in group.

Come enjoy the fun of tennis and the beautiful weather South Florida has to offer.

Get your kids outdoors and help them stay healthy.

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