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South Florida Tennis has been teaching tennis since 1996 while building a reputation for excellent value, energetic and fun tennis lessons.

Most companies carry large overheads and so their lesson rates are usually much higher than ours.

By streamlining our business model, we are able to not only provide affordable tennis lessons, but give each tennis client, the individualized attention they deserve.

We provide tennis lessons for children, teens and adults. Let us show you how much fun you can have playing tennis while staying healthy and in-shape.

about our experience

Our head tennis instructor has been involved in tennis for more than 20 years and teaching professionally since 1996.

Why put your tennis game at risk with less experienced tennis instructors. Get the best for less!

Come join the South Florida Tennis family and enjoy all the benefits of the best customer service anywhere in the tennis industry.

Let us show you why our experienced instructors will have you enjoying every minute of every tennis lesson.

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